Contract Negotiation & Management

Quadrant provides experienced contract negotiation attorneys and an end-to-end contract management solution at an attractive price point. Your contracts will be handled well, from the routine to the complex.

Implementing a workflow management system is no small undertaking. The software acquisition, implementation and integration costs, customization and workflow process design can easily generate a multi-million dollar price tag. At Quadrant, we offer a proprietary solution that eliminates the headaches. Our turnkey technology platform requires minimal installation time, is highly customizable and scalable, and is cost effective to implement and use.

Quadrant’s integrated contract management solution allows clients to:

Refocus Resources

Use in-house legal resources for their highest and best use.

Delegate repetitive contract review flow tasks that can be effectively managed externally.

Budget Predictability 

Flat monthly fee, volume based pricing, and traditional hourly billing structures with competitive rates.

Meaningful Metrics

Improve processes and add efficiency over time by monitoring both time and cost.

Instant Access & Transparent Systems

See contract negotiation status in real time

Workflow Control

Flexible systems for outlining approval processes

Risk Management & Legal Playbook

Build a legal playbook with approved forms and fallback clauses to establish consistent negotiation guidelines

Quality Control

Continuously monitor application of risk control processes to track exceptions and evaluate legal risk.

Legal review cost to contract value

How much do you spend on legal review compared to the value of your contracts?

experienced professionals

A dedicated team of seasoned attorneys and paralegals with real business judgment

effective systems

A proprietary contract and workflow management platform built on solid processes and best practices  

complete solution

Best in class, fully transparent risk management and contract negotiation at a predictable and affordable price point

Agreement Lifecycle Management as a Service

The typical law firm support doesn’t extend past the review and negotiation phases, but that’s only half the battle.

Quadrant Law makes sure you get all the way to the finish line.

Review and Negotiation
  • Initial markup
  • Follow-up negotiations with counterparties

Standard law firm support

  • Market insight to advise business decision making
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Approval management
Post Execution
  • Document storage
  • Search capability
  • Key term syndication
  • Renewals & extensions

Quadrant Law Group Managed Service


We’ll create a custom playbook for clients, documenting best practices and negotiating terms among all contracts.


Your contracts are handled by senior attorneys with 10-20 years of relevant experience.

efficiency metrics

Progress that you can see. We are laser-focused on efficiency and will provide clients with the metrics to prove it.

relationships first

Clients aren’t just numbers to us. The relationships we establish with our clients are the foundation for successful long-term partnerships.

See the difference for yourself.