Quadrant extends your capabilities and expertise without adding headcount. You have unique needs, and we bring a custom tailored solution.

Contract Negotiation

Technology contracts require specialized expertise. Sales contracts need good forms, a well developed playbook, and fast turnaround. Routine vendor contracts require business judgment to know what is worth negotiating and what isn’t. All of these contracts need to be handled through a consistent process in a document management / workflow management system that gives you meaningful metrics and true transparency. Can we do all that? Yes, we can, and we do it every day.

Software Asset Management

Software is no longer a “buy, install, and forget” asset. Growing integration requirements, complex licensing rights, and aggressive software vendor audits mean that gaining control of your software universe is no longer a “nice to have,” it is a necessity. Quadrant can help you select, design, and implement a software asset management system, and then properly interpret your licenses, monitor software asset allocations, and respond to software audits. Software Asset Management brings peace of mind.

Outside General Counsel

If operating a high growth company without effective legal counsel doesn’t scare you, it should. Relying on expensive law firms for your regular workflow isn’t an effective long-term solution either.  When you finally realize that what you’ve built is too big to risk on one bad decision, we can help. Let Quadrant manage your legal risk so you can focus on what is really important.

What makes us different?

People and experience

• Our attorneys are highly experienced team players – with 10-20 years of real-world experience or more, they focus on what’s important and move past what is not.

• We organize our attorneys into dedicated client teams.

• Our attorneys speak “tech” – negotiating technology contracts is critical to all businesses today and an area in which we specialize.

Technology systems

• Document management doesn’t have to cause headaches – our technology platform is user-friendly and requires minimal installation, time, and cost.

• Meaningful metrics come naturally – our highly customizable software provides statistics and analyses to make even the most numbers-focused GCs and CFOs happy.

• We worked remotely before it was cool our business model brings you good people, wherever they are, who will work with you effortlessly.


• Transparency is intentional – clients always know where their contracts are, who’s negotiating them and “what’s taking so long.” You see the drafts, the correspondence, and required approvals, allowing you to control the process.

• Alternative billing is our preference – we welcome both hourly and alternative billing models including fixed fee arrangements.

Representative Clients

Vision & Values

Quadrant Law Group envisions a transformed legal industry, in which clients partner with Quadrant to create scalable solutions to their ongoing legal needs, utilizing top talent in diverse markets and innovative technology to deliver measurable efficiency, transparency and quality that is second to none.

Quadrant Law Group is proud to be a
Women-Owned Business.