Software Asset Management

Controlling your software asset universe continues to be a C-level imperative, but many finance  and IT professionals find themselves with higher than ever audit risk, unclear understanding of  contractual ownership, reactionary responses to audits, renewals and new contract negotiations,  and mandates to reduce spending.

The average company spends 8.2% of revenue on Software.


As much as 38% of Enterprise software is wasted.


Companies have a 68% chance of being audited this year!


You, at the thought  of a software audit,  renewal, or true up

Your current software asset situation

The place your  money goes after  audit penalties or  overspending on  licenses

Enter Quadrant Law Group

We’ll bring you…

Peace of Mind

through Software Audit Assistance


as we organize & implement processes to manage your software assets

Cost Savings

after we minimize  waste during software  renewals and true ups

The Solution

Quadrant offers a team of experienced attorneys, contract management specialists and certified  Software Asset Management professionals who analyze, negotiate, defend, and advise you.

  • Experienced attorneys with appropriate paralegal support and partner oversight
  • Review key publisher agreements and assess licensing entitlements
  • Assist with contract negotiations and license structuring

See the difference for yourself.