Integrated Solutions

Quadrant combines legal expertise with an integrated technology platform to provide a unique and efficient end-to-end solution. We are an innovative law firm that delivers a cohesive, top-quality legal work product, not just a rolodex of lawyers. Efficiency and transparency are core values – we focus on saving you money and controlling your risk, rather than billable hours.

We play nice in the sandbox.

Our clients often use top tier global firms for deal work and regulatory advice, but they rely on us for

  • General commercial contract negotiation
  • IT contracting and software asset management legal expertise
  • General Counsel support and services

Many of our clients turn to us because they are concerned about


More time spent negotiating contracts that don’t justify the legal spend, and not enough time spent on improving process and efficiency


Inconsistent work product from outsourcing firms that still require considerable management and oversight


In-house talent mired in contract negotiation instead of focusing on issues key to the business

Clients want and need their outside counsel to act like in-house counsel – focused on managing risk and moving agreements along to completion with appropriate speed and quality. That is how we work.


Inexperienced counsel who focus on the wrong issues and are not familiar with evolving best practices and market terms


Lack of transparency, meaningful metrics and knowledge sharing with in-house partners

Our Practice

contract negotiation

Technology contracts require specialized expertise. Sales contracts need good forms, a well- developed playbook, and fast turnaround. Vendor contracts require business judgment to know what is worth negotiating and what is not. All these contracts need to be handled through a consistent process in a workflow management system that gives you meaningful metrics and true transparency. Can we do all that? Yes, we can, and we do it every day.

software asset management

Software is no longer a “buy, install, and forget” asset. Growing integration requirements, complex licensing rights, and aggressive software vendor audits mean that gaining control of your software universe is no longer a “nice to have,” it is a necessity. Quadrant can help you select, design, and implement a software asset management system, and then properly interpret your licenses, monitor software asset allocations, and respond to software audits. Software Asset Management brings peace of mind.

Outside General Counsel

Whether you’re a growth company that needs business-savvy legal advice, or a General Counsel with an ever-growing pile of work, wouldn’t it be nice to have a lawyer who knows your business and has decades of experience to help? The in-house world is full of diverse challenges and tight budgets and our lawyers know what it is like to be in your shoes. Let Quadrant help manage your legal risk so you can focus on what is truly important.

We’ve got our head in the cloud, literally.

Quadrant has been using best in class technology for years to connect our lawyers with our clients all around the world. On the leading edge of the industry, Quadrant Law Group uses the power of cloud-based tech to work smarter, faster, and more transparently for our clients, no matter where they are.


We’ll create a custom playbook for clients, documenting best practices and negotiating terms among all contracts.


Your contracts are handled by seasoned attorneys with 10-20 years of relevant experience.

efficiency metrics

Progress that you can see. We are laser-focused on efficiency and will provide clients with the metrics to prove it.

relationships first

Clients aren’t just numbers to us. The relationships we establish with our clients are the foundation for successful, long-term partnerships.

See the difference for yourself.