Outside General Counsel

A great strategic advisor can be invaluable to a company, but many executives do not think of their outside lawyers in that way. We want to change that. At Quadrant, we know that relationships built on trust are key to creating strategic partnerships. We also know that using technology to make lawyers more efficient and enhance client communication is a key to excellent legal services. We are changing what companies can expect from a law firm, one strategic partnership at a time.

Quadrant’s Outside General Counsel (“OGC”) are trusted business and legal advisors. We have the expertise and business acumen to help our clients succeed while mitigating risk. We assist clients in enforcing their rights, developing litigation strategy, and pursuing claims when appropriate. 

We focus on what’s important and move past what is not.

Our Services

Quadrant’s OGC services are designed to bring the value of a general counsel to middle-market and emerging companies who aren’t ready to hire a full time general counsel. As your outside general counsel, Quadrant’s attorneys will:

Get to know and share the company’s vision and goals.

Serve as a key member of the company’s management team, providing guidance on risks that may otherwise be overlooked.

Work with you to set a fixed monthly fee to promote open communication and budget predictability.

Create positive value for your company while concurrently reducing ongoing or acute legal expenses.

Leverage the firm’s expansive knowledge base.

Help negotiate and resolve disputes, and defend your rights appropriately.

Unsure if your company has the budget for ongoing monthly advice and counsel? Whether you need someone to draft an agreement, find the right expert, help with a compliance issue, or advise you on litigation, we can do it. We approach hourly projects with the same commitment to developing great partnerships, and creating value that guides all our services.


We develop an understanding of each client to ensure a constant awareness of its legal needs. We specialize in becoming experts in your company.


Your needs are handled exclusively by senior attorneys with 10-20 years of relevant experience.

efficiency metrics

Progress that you can see. We are laser-focused on efficiency and will provide clients with the metrics to prove it.

relationships first

Clients aren’t just numbers to us. The relationships we establish with our clients are the foundation to successful long-term partnerships.

See the difference for yourself.