At Quadrant, we believe that giving back is the natural response of those who are grateful. We have much to be thankful for, so we support and encourage our professionals to give back to their communities. Here are some of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations we support

Volunteer Organizations

Though we are all coping with the impact of COVID-19, pharmacy teams are directly on the front lines. Unfortunately, many are being exposed to the virus and some are falling ill. Quarantining due to illness or exposure is creating undue financial hardships on these pharmacy team members. Quadrant Law Group is proud to be supporting the Pharmacy Employee Relief Fund, which was established to help pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy employees who are experiencing financial hardship due to illness, quarantine, business closure or school closure in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pharmacy Employee Relief Fund

SCO operates a food bank, transitional housing program, a thrift store and job training program for the homeless and at risk individuals and families in South Orange County, California. Quadrant lawyers and employees have worked in the food pantry, participated in mentoring and job training programs, and Managing Partner Robert Ming serves on the Board of Directors. Food item donations are gratefully accepted, processed by volunteers and distributed to the needy with care and compassion. Computer classes and other job training programs teach marketable skills to those displaced from jobs.

south county outreach
irvine, ca

As a trained volunteer attorney with CVLS, Oksanna Malan serves as Guardian ad Litem AL for children in contested or problematic guardianship cases in the Circuit Court of Cook County. As the child’s GAL, Oksanna serves as the child’s independent pro bono legal counsel, advocating in and out of the court on behalf of the child’s best interests. Investigating all aspects of what often amounts to an unfavorable or even abusive environment. GALs provide an objective recommendation to the court as to the safest, most supportive environment for the child, and are responsible for investigating the issues and parties, reporting to the court on the child’s best interests, and representing the child throughout the case.

Chicago Volunteer Lawyer Services (CVLS)
Guardian ad Litem for Minors
Chicago, IL

In partnership with the City of Laguna Niguel, this nonprofit provides support for the Marines in the First Batallion, 4th Marine Regiment stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA, and the Sailors aboard the U.S.S. Stockdale. The committee maintains a close and active relationship with the chain of command and family support operations for these units, especially while they are deployed. Managing Partner Robert Ming is the current President of the foundation.

Laguna Niguel Military Support Foundation
Laguna Niguel, CA

QLG attorney Jessica Eterno serves as President of both the District 105 PTO and Seventh Avenue School PTO. The District 105 PTO enhances and supports the educational experience of students at all District 105 schools (4 elementary schools and 1 middle school) by providing financial and volunteer support to each schools’ PTO for the activities those PTOs sponsor. SASPTO enhances and supports the educational experience of students at Seventh Avenue Elementary School by providing funding and volunteers for various activities at Seventh Avenue.

District and School Parent Teacher OrganizationS
La Grange, Illinois