finance manager

Brooke Baysinger

Brooke combines experience in legal, accounting, wealth management, compliance, and human resources work to manage key financial and administrative functions at Quadrant, ensuring reliability and excellence in day-to-day operations. Brooke is proficient in all accounting procedures, having led the accounting department at a wholesale distribution company for several years, managing client accounts, budgets, accounts payable and receivable, and all relevant tax preparation and compliance. During that time, she was entrusted with Human Resources responsibilities including hiring, payroll, personnel management, and employee benefits. 

Brooke is also an experienced paralegal. Prior to Quadrant, she served as a paralegal at Carmel & Naccasha, LLP supporting the firm’s partners and multiple attorneys for several years. Educated in political science, pre-law at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, she is licensed and experienced as a paralegal, Brooke serves our clients with excellence and integrity. 

Brooke supports the Quadrant Law team by leveraging the wide range of experience to maintain excellence in managing vendor relationships, client billing matters, bookkeeping and financial functions, and many other operational tasks. 

After graduating from college and working at a local law firm and bank in San Luis Obispo, CA, she moved back to her hometown in Orange County, CA with her husband.